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Use of Images Consent Form

The School makes various uses of images of pupils during their time at School. Some of these are necessary for the administration and the safety of pupils, such as CCTV and for your daughter’s school record.

In addition, we are keen to celebrate the achievements of the girls and to increase awareness of the School and all its activities. During your daughter’s time at Leicester High School, we will take photographs or images of your daughter undertaking a wide range of School activities. We use these photos in a variety of places to promote the School and to keep the school community updated on the activities of the School, including:

On internal displays (including clips of moving images) on digital and conventional notice boards within the school premises;

In communications with the School community (parents, pupils, staff, Governors, and alumni) including by email, on the School intranet, and by post;

On the School's website and, where appropriate, via the School's social media channels, e.g. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Such images would not normally be accompanied by the pupil's full name without permission; and

In the School's prospectus, and in online, press, and other external advertisements for the School. Such external advertising would not normally include pupils' names.

Images are stored securely and are used for authorised school purposes only. We have strict controls over the type of images published, both in print and online. Full details can be found in the School’s Taking, Storing, and Using Images of Children Policy.

Before any image of your child can be published, we need your consent as their parent or guardian. Please fill in the form below and retain a copy for your reference. You may withdraw your consent at any time in the future subject to the notice at the bottom of this form. Requests to withdraw consent must be made, in writing, to the Head of Marketing and Admissions.

Please be aware that objecting as above will not necessarily mean that the School will not continue to process images of your child that are either necessary for administration of the School, or where the School requires it and is otherwise lawfully entitled to do so. It may not be possible to change printed publications, such as the school magazine or prospectus, or third party publications (for example where we have placed an advert or provided an image to a newspaper). Please see our Privacy Notice and Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy for further details.