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Policy on Nut Allergies

We try to ensure, to the best of our ability, the safety of all girls who have a nut allergy, whilst they are at the School and on School trips. Our School chef does not use any nuts in his cooking. However, we would like to remind parents that he does occasionally cook with frozen foods which come with the standard warning that the food ‘may contain traces of nuts’, due to the potential presence of nut products in the factories which produce them.

We cannot guarantee that whilst on School trips and visits, students will not come into contact with nuts or nut traces. However, we can assure parents that members of staff who escort students will hold a relevant first aid certificate and will have all the relevant emergency medication with them.

We would like to remind parents that we do have several girls at Leicester High School with nut allergies. In order to maximise their safety, we would very much appreciate it if parents would avoid sending their daughters to School with nuts or products which may contain nuts.