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ICT Acceptable Use Form

Please read the ICT Acceptable Use document carefully. Only complete and return the below form when you fully understand and agree to abide by these conditions. Access to the School Network, Internet and Email will be provided on receipt of this form.

Remember that access is a privilege, not a right and inappropriate use may result in that privilege being withdrawn along with disciplinary action in line with the existing policy regarding School behaviour. For serious violations of this policy, suspension or expulsion may be imposed. Where appropriate, police may be involved or other legal action taken.

I have read The LHS ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

I understand it and agree to my use of ICT being within these guidelines.

I realise that bringing LHS into disrepute through my use of ICT inside, or outside School, would be treated as a serious disciplinary issue.

I realise that sanctions will be applied if I do not conform to the terms of this policy.