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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Maths Curriculum Evening

Curriculum Evening for parents helps to explain all about maths...

 What do you have to add together to get an excellent mathematician?  This was a question that was discussed and experienced by the parents of the Foundation Unit and Junior Department in their final curriculum evening of the year.

The presentation addressed three key questions:

·        What does it mean to be an excellent mathematician?

·        How do we develop excellent mathematicians at school?

·        How can parents support excellent mathematicians at home?

The parents were then invited to experience two mathematics lessons appropriate to their daughter’s age: one focusing on known facts and skills, the other focusing on using these to solve problems and reason.

It was a fun evening where the parents enjoyed experiencing first-hand the way teaching, learning and the standards have changed since their school days!  It was also a great way for parents and the school to work together to advance our shared aim: developing potential!