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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

How To Stay Sane In An Insane World

Excellent speaker talks about mental health to girls and parents...

Our speaker on Monday was Jeremy Thomas who delivered humorous talks about the serious subject of good mental health to the girls in years 9-13 and also to parents in a twilight session.

Jeremy spent twenty years in the music industry, running various record labels before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder which he spoke about quite frankly. He is now a widely regarded author and speaker who has written four novels and the non-fiction "The A-Z Guide of Good Mental Health";  his new novel, ‘The Santa Monica Suicide Club’ comes out this week.  He also helped produce an award winning television documentary with Stephen Fry  who describes him…..  “Jeremy Thomas is a complete original. His writing, like his life, is a whirlwind of brilliance, wonder and blunder, by turns hilarious and terrifying”.

In his three talks he likened one’s head to a washing machine which can easily be overloaded and he gave tips on how to “be the boss of your own washing machine”.  He spoke about the importance of having a routine which allows time for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer and that having a good night’s sleep is essential, with a break from mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices for an hour or more before bedtime.  He recommended 20 minutes of serious exercise daily in order to release endorphins in the brain to ward off anxiety and depression, and that anger should be let out, as suppressed anger also leads to depression.

The day gave us plenty to think about particularly as Saturday 10 October is World Mental Health Day.