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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Plant Investigators in Y2

Y2 visit The Botanical Gardens and learn all about the variety of plants...

 On Tuesday 19 April , Y2 visited the Botanical Gardens and took part in an all day set of workshops entitled ‘Plants Wow!’ The girls were inspired and engaged throughout the day and learned a lot about different plants, where they grow and what they are used for.

The girls investigated and sketched plants that grow in the desert and those that grow in tropical climates. This was a very hot part of the day!

The girls also learned about plants that give us food and were surprised to find plants that are used to make sugar and chocolate.

They had fun learning about the Giant Redwood Tree in the grounds and all tried to join hands around it’s huge tree trunk! The girls created bark and leaf rubbings and planted their own cress seeds, which they have now taken home to look after.

Everyone had a fantastic day, including a picnic in the grounds and a chance to play the blindfold game of ‘Find a Tree!’

The Y2 girls are going to use what they have learned back in school in their science, literacy and topic lessons.

See more photos in the gallery here.