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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Rose and The LHS Big Walk

The LHS Big Walk on June 26 is in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust this year, inspired by Rose who has been treated for bladder cancer.

Rose left School in April, just before taking her A levels, because she finally admitted to herself that it wasn't going to be possible to take her exams. It was a very big decision for Rose, who clearly does not 'give up' easily. In fact as far as she is concerned, she hasn't given up at all. She will persue a sporting career - a lifelong ambition for this very talented sportswoman - it's just a case of when. 

After a cystocopy and biopsy, Rose was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the Summer of 2014. She had ignored the blood in her urine for a while but then felt she should investigate and went for a scan. The scan revealed a shadow on her bladder and the doctors thought it was just a collection of cells, because cancer of the bladder in teenagers is so unusual. But, it was bladder cancer and just before Christmas of that year she had a major operation at The City Hospital in Nottingham. It was here that she was assigned a Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse and was treated on the Teenage Cancer Trust Ward, which, Rose says, made a huge difference. The Hogarth Ward,

as it is called, has a pool table, a TV, PlayStation, sofas and private rooms. The patients are all teenagers and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The operation was to remove the cancer, which was High Grade, meaning it is more likely to grow, spread and re-occur. After Christmas in 2015, Rose began her chemotherapy, which was every week for six weeks, straight to the bladder site.  After this she had two more biopsies, under general anaesthetic, and then more chemo followed. The second round of chemo, which Rose says was harder than the first, was once a month for six months. After this, another cystocopy revealed that the cancer had come back but as a smaller mass and it was downgraded to a less serious level.  Every time Rose is treated she has a Teenage Cancer Trust nurse to accompany her and always at the end of the phone if she needs reassurance or has a question. Rose has had so many cystoscopies under general anaesthetic that doctors wanted her to try one under a local anaesthetic, as the drugs are less strong. It was the Teenage Cancer Trust nurse who persuaded her to try this procedure, which Rose was against, understandably. Since another major operation in April, traces of the cancer have gone, and Rose now has checks every three months. For now, without the pressure of exams which Rose, due to months and years of treatment, cannot possibly take, she can enjoy what she does best: sport!

She is in School a lot at the moment, even though she is no longer a student. Never content to be inactive, she has been volunteering as a coach to the younger girls, helping in lessons and at events. She loves sport in any form and is a great role model to the girls in School. She is a Level 2 tennis coach and works at the Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Association too. In the future she is going to see if she can coach abroad and do some travelling. 

The LHS Big Walk charity this year is Teenage Cancer Trust because they have undoubtedly helped Rose through her treatment and made a huge difference to her and her family. Support young people like Rose, and join us on the LHS Big Walk 2016. For details of the walk on Sunday 26 June, please see the attachment below.