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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Y8 Visit to the National Justice Museum

Y8 learn all about justice past and present in an interactive experience at museum in Nottingham

On Monday 8 May Year 8 visited the National Justice Museum (the new name for the Galleries of Justice).  Two mock trials were heard, with everybody being allocated a role from Judge to Defendant to members of the Jury, and in both trials Scot Green was found to be guilty of intent to supply class A drugs.  Fortunately for Gracie and Sameeha who had been cast in this role, they were not imprisoned in the cells at the NJM, as the girls then had a tour to show them the dreadful conditions in which prisoners used to be kept.  They all had experience of this when the jailor locked them in a cold, dark cell for a few minutes.  We were also shown round the old Police Station, which used to be the main station for the whole of Nottingham and handled the (very heavy) riot shields and helmets, and even put somebody in a straight jacket (we did release her before returning to school!)