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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Chemistry Trip to Warwick University

A level chemists attended a conference at Warwick University where they were inspired by leading scientists. 

On Friday 14 November the A level chemists, Dr Singleton and Mr Hoyle set off to Warwick University for a day of inspiring talks. Arriving at the university was very different as we had no idea how busy it would be with hundreds of students walking around or how big the lecture rooms would be. In the morning we had the privilege of listening to Professor Monks from the University of Leicester, who spoke about how the thousands of compounds in our breath reflect the amazing biochemistry taking place in our bodies. The second talk, delivered by Dr Anne Dixon, was incredibly beneficial as we not only gained knowledge on the development of future drugs and the importance of chemistry to modern medicine but we were also told about membrane proteins which linked in with our current topic in biology. We attended our third lecture by Paul Walton on the chemistry of chocolate, which was definitely my favorite! He told us about the chemical secrets inside our favorite snack. Paul Walton tried to make chocolate taste even better and Maariyah Sabat, who was fortunate enough to try this improved chocolate said, 'It wasn't like anything I've tried before. The chocolate melted on my tongue instantly; it was amazing!’ We also had Dr Peter Wothers present a lecture on 'God's devils and alcohols' which was about the history behind the names of the chemical ingredients. Just before the end of this insightful day we had the opportunity to hear Jamie Gallagher speak about energy and how chemists are working to turn humans Into walking batteries to power our daily life. Our trip was incredibly inspiring and has definitely made me excited to go to university soon!

 by Anika Rizvi