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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Junior House Netball

The annual house netball competition for Years 4 and 5 was intensely competitive as always!

 Years 4 and 5 Games Captains organised and led a fantastic House Netball Tournament in school in late February.  The girls’ competitive spirit was high as was their House loyalty.  Some great netball was played and exceptional sportsmanship from many including:

Maysa J         (Charnwood)    Y4 (for stepping into the breach and playing for Year 5 and excellent play)

Hanifa A        (Beaumanor)   Y4    (good play)

Saachee G  (Beaumanor)   Y4   (good play)

Aliya A (Bradgate)      Y4   (good play)

Lauren F           (Bradgate)      Y4   (good play)

Arissa R                (Bradgate)     Y4    (good play)

Whole of the Beaumanor team       Y5    (excellent play)

Isha G                (Bradgate)    Y5    (good play)

Laura L              (Bradgate)    Y5    (good play)

Tara R         (Charnwood) Y5    (good play)

Kareena S         (Charnwood) Y5    (good play)

Emma S       (Charnwood) Y5   (exceptional supporter, captain and best sportswoman)


The combined results from Years 4 and 5 will be announced in our end of term assembly.  The prized shield, in the meantime, will be sent off to the engravers!