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We operate a two-year rolling programme (Year A and Year B) to ensure a broad curriculum.   

The six Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects for Foundation Class (Year A) cover the following topics: 

Why do you love me so much? 

Guess how much I love you... What is special about me? How do we show that we care? In this project, we’ll learn about love, families and how people are the same and different. 

Is it shiny? 

All that glitters is not gold! Is it shiny? Does it sparkle? It’s time to find out more about materials and their properties. 

Do dragons exist? 

Beyond this place, there be dragons! Do dragons exist? What’s it like to live in a castle? It’s time to explore the fantastical world of dragons and castles. 

Are eggs alive? 

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken. Lay a little egg for me! Are eggs alive? What are buds? It’s time to find out more about the things that happen in the world around us during spring. 

Can we explore it? 

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ve got to go through it! Can we explore it? Where can we hide? It’s time to discover and explore holes, hiding spaces and great adventures in faraway places. 

How many pebbles on a beach? 

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! How many pebbles on the beach? Which creatures live beside the sea? It’s time to breathe in the salty air and explore the seashore. 

The six Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects for Foundation Class (Year B) cover the following topics: 

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast? 

Food glorious food! We’ll find out why we can’t eat chocolate for every meal, which foods are healthy and more in this project about food, mealtimes and nutrition. 

Why do leaves go crispy? 

Crunch, scrunch and rustle. Why do leaves go crispy? What’s inside a conker? Let’s find out all about autumn in this exciting seasonal project. 

How many colours in a rainbow? 

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high... How many colours are in a rainbow? What happens when you mix red and blue? It’s time to discover the colours of the natural and man-made worlds. 

Where does snow go? 

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Why does snow melt? How can we keep warm? It’s time to explore the frosty but fascinating season of winter. 

Can I have a dog? 

How much is that doggy in the window? Can I have a dog? How will I look after it? It’s time to find out all about pets and how to care for them. 

How high can I jump?  

Let’s jump for joy! How high can I jump? How fast can I run? It’s time to find out more about sport, movement and physical activity.