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Our Head Girl

Our Head Girl for 2021/2022 is Krishna J. Krishna joined the School in Year 6. Krishna will be working with the wider Prefect Team throughout the year to raise money for charity and achieve their goals. 

Krishna tells us a little more about herself and the Prefect Team's plans below: 

What are your plans for the future? 

Currently, I am embracing all that Maths, Chemistry and Biology A-levels have to offer, as well as an EPQ in Design and Textiles.  

After initially being one of the many students out there who have not always been certain about which career to pursue, and after exploring a range of potential sectors from Medicine to PPE, I came to the conclusion that I would love to be able to study Law at university next year. I also plan on continuing with voluntary charity work in my free time, which I find to be extremely rewarding. 

What makes LHS Sixth Form so special?

Overall, I truly believe that the most significant aspect of the Sixth Form is the personal dynamic created between every individual and the School. We receive a large amount of one-on-one attention from our teachers and our Head of Sixth Form. The teachers clearly strive to provide an enriching learning experience for every student and continually encourage us in everything that we undertake. This fuels a learning environment where you feel safe and eager to learn. There is also a community feel between girls, stemming from the sharing of similar values and the small numbers of pupils in each class, which results in everyone being friends.  

LHS' distinct ethos is to form all-rounded, considerate and caring girls at Leicester High School, rather than a pure focus on academic ability. I have seen how imperative it is that these qualities are taught, to shape the person you become. I know I speak for many of us girls when I say that I believe it is the exceptional opportunities to participate in new things and the manner in which we are treated as mature, young women by the School, that has nurtured our confidence as LHS pupils. 

The structure of form groups in Sixth Form, where both Year 12 and 13 students are mixed in forms, proves crucial in swiftly helping to integrate the two years so that the whole of Sixth Form feels comfortable with each other. Girls are therefore not afraid to ask each other for help, support, or advice. This is another factor of what makes our Sixth Form special as we all succeed together, in a determined and ambitious atmosphere. 

I have also come to love the Sixth Form area, as the separate space upstairs for A-level students to socialise and study allows us to grow their independence. Responsibility is instilled into us due to the structure of our study periods and through the plethora of student responsibility roles, such as tutoring younger students, being a subject committee leader and as a Prefect. An education at Leicester High clearly prepares you for life after school, from the Enrichment lessons we have at the beginning of Year 12 to UCAS sessions, guest speakers and life-lessons such as how to stay safe in PSHCE. 

What advice would you give to a new girl joining the School?

Starting at Leicester High is honestly far from the scary stereotypical image that people tend to imagine. The girls here will enthusiastically welcome you into the class and be excited to get to know you. Plus, there isn’t even much scope for getting lost here due to the simple, circular layout of the school and the friendly faces everywhere! 

Remember that at some point we have all been ‘the new girl’. For me at LHS, it was in Year 6 and without knowing a single person. Nevertheless, on my very first day I was instantaneously welcomed warmly within my tutor group. Friendships that were formed on Day 1, have since proved life-lasting to me. 

Getting involved in as many activities, opportunities and school extracurriculars is definitely an easy and enjoyable way to quickly settle in. There is so much on offer here (for example Netball club, School Choir, Art club, Roller-skating, Maths challenge club and Drama club) that I would highly recommend trying as many as possible and making friends with girls with similar interests along the way. 

I would also advise a new girl to not be afraid to speak to someone if you have concerns about anything! I know how daunting it can seem to have to talk to someone that you haven’t approached before, but I promise that everyone here will just want to help, no matter how seemingly small the problem feels. 

I know I speak for many of us girls when I say that I believe it is the exceptional opportunities to participate in new things and the manner in which we are treated as mature, young women by the School, that has nurtured our confidence as LHS pupils.

krishna j, head girl

What have been your happiest moments at Leicester High so far?

There have been a myriad of happy memories over the years, that I will remember forever, simply created in our everyday lives here. There are always endless snickers, giggles and roars of laughter seeping out of classrooms and into our hallways, and the sensation that you feel when you achieve something at Leicester High is always a special moment. 

Nonetheless, future years at LHS can eagerly anticipate the return of some of the best and most fun Leicester High events, which present bottomless potential for happy memories to be made, such as Arts trips abroad, Summer Charity Balls, School Productions, trips to Alton Towers, international Ski trips, the full return of the Tuck shop and House charity competitions (and actually just completing a full school year with your friends!). There is so much to look forward to! 

Personally, LHS has left such an impression on my life through having experienced so much because of the opportunities accessible. For me, the best moments have included our trip to Geneva, the annual Christmas Staff Pantomimes, Netball Tournaments with my friends, Young Enterprise Company, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Summer Charity Days and, in addition to the sheer amount of chocolate shared out on the last day of term. The list goes on! 

Annually, Christmas is a time to remember at LHS. For me, the Christmas Carol Concerts are a happy memory as they kick-start the Christmas festivities. Surrounded by our family and friends whilst singing carols and listening to readings makes me feel so joyful and ready for Christmas. Moreover, the fun Christmas house events, organised by the Prefect Team, create a cheery atmosphere throughout the School, whilst taking part in exciting activities and games!

What are your priorities as Head Girl and the Prefect Team?

In addition to striving to achieve our team goals, the Prefects this year are faced with the ultimate challenge of commencing Prefect duties in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that arise. 

Our priorities for this year include how we want to help ease the return of School life to ‘the new normal’ and support our School community. The team is enthusiastic to help out with as much as we can! Also, as Prefects, we undoubtedly aim to remain role models for the younger years and as supportive figures for them. 

Furthermore, I recognise the difficulties that so many people have had to endure throughout the past year and a half, and the difference I know it can make to just have someone to talk to informally. Hence one of my most significant priorities this year involves wanting to make myself, the Prefects and Sixth Form generally, feel more approachable and connected with the Junior and Senior Schools. I would love to make myself available this year for younger students to talk to or email in confidence, for advice on school experiences or to simply talk to an older student about something on their mind, no matter how large or small it may feel.

As a Prefect Team, we are also collectively extremely determined to try and raise as much money as possible this year for charity. We have had a great start with our first event making over £800 for Hospital Intensive Care Units in Leicester, which we chose in respect to the immense efforts of the NHS during Coronavirus. We are now excited by the prospects of fundraising for three more great causes throughout the course of the next year: Médecins Sans Frontières, Rainforest Alliance and The Alice Ruggles Trust.