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Our Head Girl

Our Head Girl for 2020/2021 is Emily. S. Emily joined the School in Year 7. Emily will be working with the wider Prefect Team throughout the year to raise money for charity and achieve their goals. 

Emily tells us a little more about herself and the Prefect Team's plans below: 

What are your plans for the future? 

At A-Level, I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. I aspire to study Pharmacy at university, whilst, hopefully, expanding my knowledge in the Spanish language, alongside.  

What makes LHS Sixth Form so special?

For me, I love the community feel that the Sixth Form holds. Everyone is happy to help each other, and we are all treated like mature young women. The Sixth Form area is separate to the rest of the school and I think this gives us space to gain independence and have our own space to study and socialise.  

The Sixth Form tutor groups are a combination of Year 12 and 13 and, for me, I think this helps the transition into the Sixth Form by conquering any fears or worries from the start. Girls feel comfortable to ask others in both years for help and support with their studies or any advice they may need. The community feel is further encouraged by the trips and bonding opportunities between the years. Last year, the Sixth Form took a bonding trip to Alton Towers which was a good way to get to know other girls, whilst also having fun.  

Leicester High doesn’t settle for just letting me be myself, but instead inspires me to become a better version, a person that I can be proud of. I know I can speak for a lot of girls when I say LHS has boosted our confidence and helped us to achieve the goals we want to achieve. 

The support offered and the continual encouragement throughout my years here help me to remind me that I’m not alone and have people to talk to whatever my worries. Even during the Pandemic, a time where some might’ve felt alone, I still was able to bond with my peers through Teams lessons and UCAS sessions with our Head of Sixth Form.  

LHS’ Sixth form is a constant preparation for life once we have left Leicester High. Through our enrichment lessons and guest speakers, we have all learnt essential life skills such as CV writing, taking care of ourselves and staying safe in the outside world. Whether it’s as a Prefect, committee leader or a tutor for younger years, LHS provides endless opportunities to gain experience and responsibilities within the school. 

What advice would you give to a new girl joining the School?

My best advice for a new girl would be to get involved! I started at LHS in year 7, so, although I wasn’t alone in being the “new girl”, I came to LHS knowing nobody. However, I was instantly made to feel welcome within my tutor group and it seems to me that this feeling grows by going to clubs and joining teams throughout the years. By attending weekly netball sessions and choir rehearsals, I was able to create friendships with girls who weren’t in my years whilst representing the school. If you’re interested in performing arts, I would highly recommend auditioning for the school musicals and plays, as you’re surrounded by girls from all years who all love acting, singing and dancing just like you!  

Give all of the extracurricular clubs a try as I’m sure there’s something for everyone! House events are also an amazing opportunity to build relationships with those in your year and the rest of the school. 

For me, I love the community feel that the Sixth Form holds. Everyone is happy to help each other, and we are all treated like mature young women.

Emily. s, head girl


What have been your happiest moments at Leicester High so far?

There have been many happy moments during my time at Leicester High but a particular favourite memory of mine was the 2019 Charity Ball. It was one final night to have fun together before the real hard work and dedication began as we prepared for our public examinations. Everyone had the chance to dress up and enjoy the night. More fond memories of mine include school trips. I’ve been given the opportunity to go skiing 3 times whilst being at LHS. Being able to try a new sport, travel to different countries and all with my best friends creates memories to cherish.   

Annually, Christmas is a time to remember at LHS. For me, the Christmas Carol Concerts are a happy memory as they kick start the Christmas festivities. Surrounded by our family and friends whilst singing carols and listening to readings makes me feel so joyful and ready for Christmas. Moreover, the fun Christmas house events, organised by the Prefect Team, create a cheery atmosphere throughout the school whilst taking part in exciting activities and games!

What are your priorities as Head Girl and the Prefect Team?

I feel our Prefect Team is faced with the ultimate challenge this year of facing a global pandemic and the restrictions it brings, whilst trying to organise events and raise as much money as possible! We want to try our best to help make sure the return phase to school is as smooth as possible and hope to support girls as much as possible. We organised a picture competition over lockdown, whilst we missed out on annual events like Charity day. I know as soon as life goes back to normal, we will be back on the usual events grind with bake sales, more competitions and house events. But for now, whilst Harvest is on its way, we’re hoping to adapt to this new way of life as a team and start to raise money for charity in ways that are “COVID-19 friendly”!  

Of course, as Prefects, we aim to remain as role-models for the younger years and a supportive figure for them.