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Religious Studies

WJEC Equqas

Course overview

Philosophical issues and questions are everywhere – in the history of ideas, in art and literature, in medicine, in current affairs and international events, as well as in our own immediate experience and environment.

Religious Studies is a rigorous course of study which is highly regarded by universities because of the skills with which it equips students. This is not a Biblical course, but involves study in the areas of the Philosophy of Religion and religious ethics. A range of methods are used including discussion, independent research and visiting speakers. There will also be the opportunity to attend national conferences for RE and Philosophy.

Course content

  • Study of Religion – Study one religion from: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism
  • Philosophy of Religion - arguments for the existence of God; challenges to religious belief; religious experience; religious language.
  • Religion and Ethics - ethical thought; deontological ethics; teleological ethics; determinism; free will.


Some degree courses actively seek to recruit students with A Level Religious Studies. A relevant choice – The Russell Group of top universities has made it clear that Religious Studies A level provides ‘suitable preparation for University generally.’ A level Religious Studies can help you move into a variety of careers: law, travel, advertising, personnel, diplomacy, publishing, journalism, the media, teaching and the caring professions. Employers value the independent and critical thinking which students gain from this course.