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alice joined the school in year 8

Everyone has the opportunity to do what they really enjoy and they are encouraged to be an individual.

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what is your favourite thing about leicester high?

My favourite thing about Leicester High is the way that each student is recognised as an individual and is given the opportunity to develop their unique talents and skills. The amount of support given by both the staff and students has allowed me to become a confident, hardworking and creative individual.


what makes leicester high special?

The friendly and supportive environment is what makes Leicester High unique. Everyone has the opportunity to do what they really enjoy and they are encouraged to be an individual.  

I would advise a new girl joining the School to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to them during their time at Leicester High, which can help them to discover a passion or to develop their skills and knowledge in an area they are already passionate about.  


what was your favourite moment at leicester high?

My favourite moment at Leicester High was being selected to be a part of the Senior Prefect Team. I really enjoyed working with the team to create new events to raise money for our chosen charity.  It was an incredible opportunity to work alongside my friends and the staff at Leicester High to give the younger girls an amazing experience at School, just as I have had.