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What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is something that all pupils should be able to benefit from, which helps to make subjects more meaningful, memorable and rewarding. 

What is the purpose of the LHS Enrichment Programme? 

  • For all pupils to make memories that will last forever
  • For all pupils to leave LHS as well-rounded individuals 
  • For all pupils to have enjoyable experiences that develop them as a person outside the classroom
  • For all pupils to have experiences that make them stand out from others, which would be useful, for example, on their UCAS application. 

The Five Themes

Each club is categorised by a Theme. Pupils are encouraged to attend a club across the year from each of the Five Themes. Those pupils who commit to all the Themes will be awarded with an LHS Enrichment Award at Summer Prize Giving. 

Theme 1: Physical Activity and Sport


  • To improve your overall health and fitness
  • To take part in competitive sport and physical activity, learning life skills such as leadership and communication.


  • Rugby Club
  • Dodgeball Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Trampolining Club


Theme 2: Creativity and Expression 


  • To offer students opportunities to develop their creativity, imagination and freedom of expression
  • To provide the ability to create, to perform, and to design – each enriches our lives in substantial and meaningful ways. Thinking creatively, giving expressive shape to ideas, and communicating those ideas imaginatively.


  • Leicester High Concert Orchestra
  • Art Club
  • Show Rehearsal
  • Choir


Theme 3: STEM


  • To offer pupils the opportunity to develop their Scientific, Technological, engineering and mathematical skills: to help enriches our lives in substantial and meaningful ways.
  • To learn transferable skills that include critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork.


  • STEM club
  • Robotics Club
  • Maths Problem-Solving


Theme 4: Environment and Community


  • To improve knowledge and understanding about the environment and community
  • To learn about ways to help the environment and learn about community


  • Bird Watching club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Wombles Club
Theme 5: Personal Development and Wellbeing 


  • To improve yourself whilst learning or developing a new skill.
  • To improve your health and wellbeing


  • Chess Club
  • Mahjong
  • Languages Aid 


You can download the Enrichment brochure, which includes the timetable, below. 

These activities take place before and after School and at lunchtime. We also offer a wide range of trips and visits and our very popular Duke of Edinburgh Award