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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Meet our Head Girl

Eleanor, Head Girl for 2019-20, talks about her experience at Leicester High, and her plans for the future. Eleanor joined the School into the Sixth Form in September 2018. She is studying English literature, mathematics and Spanish and aspires to work in the legal sector when she leaves School and hopes to study Spanish at university, as well as learning another language from scratch.


What makes the LHS Sixth Form so special?

For me, what I love about the sixth form is its small and comforting size. Like the rest of the school, the sixth form is small and enables everyone to mix and communicate, regardless of whether they study a complete contrast in A-level subjects. Also, both year twelve and year thirteen are combined in the same form groups which not only adds to the thriving, friendly atmosphere in the sixth form, but it also provides the year twelves with the opportunity to ask for advice from those with experience, in preparation for university applications and upcoming exams for example. There is no division between the upper and lower sixth form which adds a super friendly touch, and as I was new to the school in September, I immediately felt welcomed by this which was extremely reassuring.

Miss Purewal, the Head of Sixth Form, is centrally located in the sixth form building, making it easy to communicate with her for day-to-day queries. The form tutors additionally provide us with support, advice and encouragement through their experience with UCAS which enables everyone to feel as prepared as possible during the application process in the autumn term.

Also, what makes the sixth form so special is the opportunities which we are constantly provided with to excel and become more well-rounded individuals. From the ‘life after LHS’ programme, where we learn key skills such as changing a flat tyre or writing a successful CV, to listening to guest speakers share their expertise, the sixth form never feel unsatisfied nor unaware of life beyond the school doors. The sixth form area is separate to the rest of the school, giving us some independence as young women, and allowing us to find a healthy balance between studying and socialising.

What advice would you give to a new girl joining the school?

My best advice would be to not be afraid, and to be yourself! I recently joined the school in September 2018 and was refreshed to be greeted with nothing other than smiles and kind words on my first day. The school’s ethos is to create empowered, supportive women and this was so apparent on my arrival. There is a prominent family feel to the school, making the transition smooth and effortless- everybody looks out for one another and the girls here want their friends to do well. Leicester High School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, making it extremely easy to get involved and to meet new people. The most important suggestion I could give would be not to hesitate- contribute in lessons and talk to the girls around you.

What have been your happiest moments at Leicester High so far?

There have been many happy moments during my time at Leicester High so far, and one of the most memorable would probably be a few weeks after my arrival in September, when my friend and I won the first debate of the year on the topic of the death penalty. It was the first debate I had partaken in, and to participate in an extracurricular activity, so engaging and so promptly was something extremely enjoyable for me. Another happy moment would definitely include the completion of our Duke of Edinburgh Gold practice expedition in April, when our team reached the endpoint of our 4 day route, consisting of difficult terrain and steep inclines. As a group, the feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating and truly rewarding.

What are your priorities as Head Girl and the Prefect Team?

As a team, this year we hope to further develop the school’s thriving and friendly atmosphere by improving the communication between the older and younger years and advocating the importance of paying attention to mental health. In addition to this, we will uphold the school’s core values: mutual respect, support, academic curiosity, innovation and a passion for learning. Most importantly, we hope to be role models for both the junior and senior school.