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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Meet the Head Girl and Prefects


Head Girl Riya

Riya, Head Girl for 2018 - 19, talks about her experience at Leicester High, and her plans for the future. Riya is studying Art, Maths and Physics and is planning a year abroad volunteering after LHS, before moving on to study Architecture. 

What makes the LHS Sixth Form special? 

The Sixth Form at Leicester High School is unique. The School's ethos is to provide the world with empowered, strong and confident young women, who can navigate and face the ever-changing environments they are in. The result of this is a Sixth Form which aims to produce girls that are well-rounded individuals, who are prepared to face life beyond the School walls. With undertakings such as Life After LHS, UCAS preparations and many other extracurricular activities, we are constantly stretched to extend our capabilities and grow in character.

The freedom provided by the School gives us the chance to blossom, become more independent and take responsibility for our own learning. These opportunities, such as: organising the Charity Ball, volunteering in the Junior Department and tutoring younger students, provide us with invaluable life skills as well as involving us in the School community. Teachers are helpful and willing to take time to provide us with guidance, as well as answer any day-to-day queries we have. Our Form Tutors are experienced in university applications and provide constant support throughout the process. The facilities that are available to the Sixth Form, such as the Common Room, provide space away from studies where we can socialize and bond. Due to the structure of the Sixth Form, Y12 and Y13 students are mixed into the same forms and share the same space. This creates a close-knit and supportive environment where girls can easily collaborate and aid each other in their own individual endeavours.

What advice would you give to a new girl joining Leicester High? 

My number one tip, and as cliché as it sounds; be yourself! Be confident and smile. Try to get involved and participate in lessons as much as you can, don’t be afraid to answer questions and voice your thoughts or queries. Clubs and extra-curricular activities are a great way of making new friends and finding new interests and don’t worry, there are a large variety to choose from, both sporting and academic. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help, from your teachers and fellow students alike. Teachers are more than willing to help and guide you at any time in your School life.  However, most importantly, make the most of your time in School, because I am testament to the fact that time flies. So work hard, enjoy your days and create as many memories as you can.

What do you think makes Leicester High School different?

Definitely the size of the School. Due to its small size, everyone knows everyone. Teachers get to know each individual student, learn their strengths and weaknesses and so tailor their teaching to help girls achieve the best they can.

Being an all girls school, I feel that Leicester High School has a responsibility to develop strong independent women. We want to give the girls the courage and experience in School to face challenges ahead with poise and aplomb. Leicester High School provides the education which allows your leadership and other strengths to blossom.

What have been your Leicester High happiest moments so far? 

One of my happiest moments in my many years at Leicester High, would have to be during one of the residential trips set up by the School to Malaga, Spain. I was exposed to a whole new culture and a new way of living and was also able to bond with both the older and younger girls. Since then I have been on a few other trips organised by the School, such as skiing in Italy, and I have created so many amazing and lasting memories because of them.

The Prefect Team 


The Prefect Team for 2018 - 19 are: 

Shivani K: Deputy Head Girl

Shivani is studying Psychology, English and Drama and would like to study Drama after LHS. 

Mashal S: Assistant Head Girl

Mashal is studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and would like to study Medicine after LHS.

Zakiya V: Charity Prefect

Zakiya is studying Religious Studies, Maths and Physics and would like to study PPE/Philosophy after LHS.

Bhavani J: Junior Prefect

Bhavani is studying Drama, Spanish and Psychology and would like to study Psychology after LHS. 

Vandita S: School Council Prefect

Vandita is studying Spanish, Chemistry and Biology and would like to study Medicine after LHS. 

Alice M: Secretary

Alice is studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and would like to study Veterinary Science after LHS. 

Swetha G: Beaumanor House Captain

Swetha is studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology and would like to study Medicine after LHS. 

Safiya S: Bradgate House Captain 

Safiya is studying Psychology, Biology and Maths and would like to study to become a Speech and Language Specialist after LHS. 

Asiyah I: Charnwood House Captain

Asiyah is studying Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology and would like to study Engineering or Computer Science after LHS.