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Meet the Prefect Team

Our Prefect Team for 2024/2025 are:

  • Head Girl - Millie B

  • Shivani R: Deputy Head Girl

  • Suzan A: Head of Bradgate House and School Council

  • Shamaila P: Head of Beaumanor House and Juniors

  • Amritha M: Head of Charnwood House and Charity

  • Lucy M: Wellbeing and Diversity

You can read a little bit about each of the new Prefects by reading their bios below.

Hi, I’m Millie, and I am delighted to be the Head Girl this year. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at A-level, alongside completing an EPQ about medicine (which I am hoping to study at university). I thoroughly enjoy leading the netball club, mentoring year 6 and leading revision clubs in preparation for the upcoming year 11 GCSEs, all of which demonstrate my passion to help others. Outside of school, I take part in a range of sports, including boxing and tennis, and I enjoy playing the piano. My favourite memory at LHS is when I went on my Duke of Edinburgh expedition with my friends and we got chased by a herd of cows, it is funny to look back on, but was certainly terrifying in the moment! This year, I hope to bring the school community even closer and create more memories together. I am dedicated to this role and take this responsibility with the utmost respect, commitment, and dedication, because LHS has shaped me into the person I am today. I look forward to an amazing year!

Hello, my name is Shivani, and I am excited to be your Deputy Head Girl for this year. The subjects I study are Psychology, Sociology, and Art. I currently enjoy being an Art Mentor, a member of the choir and a Form Mentor for Year 11.  Outside of school, I enjoy painting, cooking, playing the guitar and listening to music. My current top artists are Radiohead, The Smiths and The Strokes. A fun fact about myself is that I share a birthday with Anne Frank. My favourite LHS memory was when I handed out crumpets to the teachers in year 11. I am really looking forward to helping make this year the best it can be and getting to know everyone better in the school community.


Hi, I'm Lucy and I am your Diversity and Well-being Prefect this year. I am taking English, Philosophy, and Psychology currently and I hope to study English Literature at University after I finish my A-levels. Outside of school I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and listening to music. My top artists at the moment are Taylor Swift, Dominic Fike, and Boygenius. For the upcoming year, I aspire to make LHS a more inclusive and understanding environment for neurodivergence. I look forward to fulfilling my role as a prefect in the upcoming year. Thank you.

Hi everyone, my name is Shamaila and I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Sociology for my A-Levels. Beyond academics, I enjoy exploring a variety of interests and hobbies (especially cooking and baking) where I can try out new recipes and be creative. A fun fact about me is that I was born the same year the first iPhone was released!!

Looking ahead to the coming year, our prefect team aims to make your time at this school exciting and full of experiences. 

Although I have only joined LHS this year, my time at school so far has been amazing with lots of fun trips and support from members of staff. I can’t wait to speak to more of you guys and see what the year brings. 


Hi everyone, I’m Amritha and I’m your Head of Charnwood House and Charity Prefect. I take A level Philosophy, Psychology and Art and in the future, I’m looking to study Psychology at university. As a student taking art, creative outlets, like painting, take up a lot of my time outside of school. Including art, I enjoy baking, spending time with my friends, and listening to music. My top artists at the minute are Radiohead, Title Fight and Oasis. Within school this year I’ve loved helping with set design for the drama department, participating in school societies and mentoring other students in art and form. For the coming year, I’m determined to create engaging, innovative events for the students with their input and chosen charities at heart. As a prefect I’m excited to enhance the positive atmosphere at LHS within my position!


Hi everyone, my name is Suzan and I’m your head of Bradgate and student council prefect. I currently take A Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry. I take a keen interest in textile working on embroidery projects as well as crochet. As well as this, I have taken part in the drama productions like this year's Wizard of Oz. I dedicate my time to sports like badminton and play for the Grasshoppers netball team. A fun fact about me is that I can bird whistle with my hands! For the next year I hope to prioritise student voice and hopefully bring about some positive change. One of my favourite memories I have at LHS is when we attended a netball fixture and girls who weren’t even part of the netball team came to cheer us on which I think is what led to our victory. I hope to continue and enhance the tradition of school spirit and community in the next year!