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Why Girls' Schools Work

Everything is girl-centred

In a girls’ school, the priority and focus is always girls: from uniform to sport; the choice of School play to opportunities for leadership: it is all tailored to what girls need. We create an environment especially for them that they 'own' and they love it and thrive in it.

Girls are free to be themselves

Girls are more likely to opt for subjects like maths and the sciences in all girls’ schools than coeducational schools, where gender stereotyping inhibits free choice. At Leicester High, more girls take the sciences and maths at A Level than other subjects.

We are a member of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA). Girls at GSA schools are more likely to study ‘difficult’ subjects such as Sciences, Maths and Languages. According to DofE data, they are:

  • 75% more likely to take Maths A-level
  • 70% more likely to take Chemistry
  • two and a half times as likely to take Physics
  • over twice as likely to take most languages.

Girls often need encouragement to take risks, and a girls’ school creates a safe place to do that. Without the judgement of boys, girls are active not reactive, and free to take part in extracurricular activities on their own terms. This builds their self-esteem and gives them a better idea of their own ability.

Girls learn differently

There are many studies to show that this is true. In a girls’ school, the teaching is 100% suited to girls. This tailored teaching improves results. 

Girls who attend GSA schools achieve a disproportionately large share of the top grades in ‘difficult’ subjects. Bucking national trends, over 55% of girls at GSA schools take a STEM subject at A-level.

Just under two-fifths take Maths and just over two-fifths take at least one science. In Physics, for example, 13.4% of all entries from girls come from GSA schools, (above the 5.2% baseline), but they are awarded 25.9% of the A*s and 20.5% of the A or A* grades.

Girls do better, in terms of educational attainment, at single sex schools

Dr Alice Sullivan, Institute of Education, University of London

Girls from girls schools have excellent careers 

GSA alumnae include Comic Relief co-founder Jane Tewson; foreign correspondent Caroline Wyatt; journalist and author India Knight; Olympic Medallists Beth Tweddle and Hannah Mills MBE and actresses Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson and Dame Judi Dench. 

Our LHS alumnae have gone to to a wide range of exciting and impressive careers, including Barrister, Detective Inspector, Solicitor, Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist, Doctor, Teacher, Scientist and Heads of Finance, HR and IT departments in a range of organisations.