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LHS Stories

Amye Watt

amye graduated as head girl from lhs in 1999

I consider LHS to be a big part of me

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what is your job title?

Senior Specialist Physiotherapist specialising in cardiac, heart failure and breathlessness rehab. I also make bespoke cakes.


can you tell me about a typical day in your role?

I get up and exercise first thing which sets me up for the day and gives me a structure. I then drop the kids off to School. I would usually go through assessments and follow ups and work for the online web programme. I then do the club runs. The family and I will sit down for dinner and once the kids are asleep, I bake! I also like to get heavily involved in working with charities.


can you tell us about your memories of lhs?

I really enjoyed my time here and I would recommend it to anybody. I had a wide friendship group with lots of friends who possessed different qualities. It was easy to make friends in different year groups. We all had a good rapport with the teachers who understood and encouraged us. We were told that all questions were worth asking and were encouraged to strive to do the best we could. I was offered support around dyslexia.


Do you remember your first day at school?

I do. Going up the stairs on the first day – saying goodbye to my parents and not knowing who anybody is. I looked around the room and everyone had someone to speak to. I then sat down next to someone who had nobody to speak to. I was fortunate to have made friends with girls from different backgrounds, who I learnt a lot from. Growing up within a diverse community has given me a positive impact on the person I am today.


what a level subjects did you choose and why?

Geography, Art, Biology and General Studies. I needed a Science to do Physiotherapy. I took Art because I enjoyed it. I did well in Geography at GCSE. Art was traditionally known as Fine Art and Ceramics. I remember we had a new teacher who introduced mixed media which was a new and major learning curve.


What or who inspired you to study your degree subject?

When I was young I fell off a horse - so through an accident and receiving treatment.


How did the opportunities at lhs impact your degree experience at university?

The teachers inspired you. I may not have got the grades I wanted but I have worked hard to get to where I needed be and we were encouraged to do the best that we could. The girls now have a huge number of opportunities - to go abroad for example; which allows you to see the world in a bigger picture. It gives students a much more rounded experience and gets you thinking outside a typical box. There's a much multi - facilitated approach to learning. You don’t have to conform to do one thing. I have now realised doing lots of different things is what makes me happy.


If you had your time at school again, what would you do differently? 

I would take every opportunity when they are presented to me. To believe in myself and don’t be afraid to try. I truly believe in ‘what is meant to be will be.” Whatever you choose to do you should enjoy it. Yes, results are important however there are a lot of other things to life too – like having fun!


how has lhs shaped your values and aspirations? 

I’m honest, I like to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I am respectful and I listen. If I say I am going to do something, I'd like to think that I will always follow through. I will put my all into anything I do and like to do the best I can.