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LHS Stories


Anya joined lhs in year 4 can share ideas, and everyone is always supportive.

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What is your favourite thing about lhs?

I think that my favourite thing about LHS is the friendly environment as you can always share ideas, and everyone is always supportive. 


What advice would you give to a new girl?

If there was a new girl, I would tell her to just be herself. Become fully immersed in life at LHS and speak up if she has any ideas. 


how would you describe your time at lhs so far?

During the three years that I've been at LHS, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Especially on residential trips like Topstones and Kingswood. I have enjoyed being in the Senior School as you have a lot of freedom and there is a variety of extracurricular activities, and you are able to do exciting science experiments in the labs. I have also loved the variety of academic competitions that LHS has taken part in, like the Junior Maths Challenge (and I am taking part in the Kangaroo Maths Challenge next week, because I scored so highly in the first one). In general, I think that LHS has a friendly atmosphere. 


what has been your most memorable moment at lhs?

I have made lots of memories at LHS, but my most memorable one was the Maths lesson before we broke up for Christmas. Mrs Keary let us play a pirate version of battleships using coordinates. We were in teams of two, and we had to try and end up with the most money.

Every pair had a grid where we had to put in different symbols, for example a symbol for being robbed or to add an extra thousand - kind of like battleships. It was really fun, even though there was a lot of shouting. I think it is one of my most memorable lessons because everyone was having a good time!