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Single sex education is not overrated

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Single-sex education is not overrated

Good morning, Madam Chair, teachers, and fellow students, do you want to be a part of a judgment-free community? Do you want to reach greater heights in your life, for your future? Do you want a stronger foundation for your learning? I am here today to argue that single-sex education is not overrated. There are many reasons why I believe this, however, the main reasons are that: girls are more successful and learn easier without distractions; girls can believe in themselves more and become confident without boys and girls can receive the help and support they need. Whether or not you agree with me right now, I am confident that is all about to change.

Primarily, my first argument is that girls can learn better without distractions and lead successful lives in the future, as girls and boys in single sex schools do academically better than their co-ed peers. In fact, 75% of children in single sex schools achieve higher GSCE grades as well as A-levels compared to their peers, according to the Good School’s Guide, 2022-2023. This statistic shows that students who are educated at all girls' schools receive better results and end up reaching greater heights in their lives. Likewise, we all know that we girls are more intelligent, hardworking and intuitive without the lingering worry of boys mocking or jeering at you for wanting to be yourself and working to your best ability.

There can be no doubt that girls are more confident without boys; there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to back this up, for example, girls in single sex schools are twice as likely to do a maths A-level and 2.5 times more likely to take STEM subjects. This suggests that girls are free to do what they can and are also tested to their highest abilities. Furthermore, they are free to do what they like and have super self-confidence. Personally, I believe that since joining this school I have been able to spread my wings and discover the confident side of myself. We all know that girls thrive in their own environment as studies have shown. People may argue that students who attend an all-girls’ school approach the opposite gender as an alien life form. This is untrue, biased and inaccurate; if you ask girls who attend a girls’ school, you will be shocked to find that we engage with male teachers, we have male family members and the majority of us spend time at clubs where we do socialise with the opposite sex. For instance, within our own school I have surveyed our year 7 class and 98% of them said they mix with males on a regular basis at social clubs, family events and so on.

In opposition to my argument, others might state that single sex education promotes gender stereotypes, segregation and normalises sexism. The scholar, Richard Cairins of Brighton College in East Sussex, a critic of gender segregation says, ‘Separating teenagers is a recipe for relationship disasters later in life.’ However, all educated people can agree that this is unrealistic and fabricated. As I have mentioned before, 98% of students who attend this school, in Year 7, socialise with males on a regular basis. We all know that our education does not restrict our social life, all of us can agree that we lead a social life outside of the school community.

When all these factors are taken into account, it is evident that there are many reasons why single sex education is not over-rated. To recap, I have argued that girls can become more successful and learn with efficiency without boys; girls can believe in themselves more without boys and become more confident without boys. I am sure we can all agree that single sex education is the way to a brighter future. In this instance, there is a clear answer to your future: choose a single sex education today!

Thank you!