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LHS Stories


Florence joined the school in reception

Take advantage of all the great opportunities offered to widen your experiences

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what is the best thing about leicester high?

The best thing about LHS is it's family atmosphere, with a close group of girls. It feels much more personal as you know the majority of people in the whole School and you are able to form strong friendships. We also get lots of opportunities such as performing at the Curve Theatre and Leicester Cathedral. 


what advice would you give to a new girl joining leicester high?

Take all of the great opportunities offered and try as many things as possible to widen your experiences. Make friends with as many people as possible, throughout the different years. 

It's more like a family than a school, which I think is very unusual. You can form bonds with so many people and reach your potential because of how inclusive and warm the School is - I believe the same community feel can't be found in other schools. 


what has been your favourite moment at leicester high?

One of my favourite moments at Leicester High was performing our Year 5 leaving assembly. It was great to all be together looking at all the memories and friendships we'd made throughout our time in the Junior Department

Another favourite moment was the Big Sleepover we had with everyone from Years 6, 7 and 8 stayed over in the School overnight, watching a film and having food together.