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There is good integration between years...

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What is your favourite thing about LHS?

I would say that my favourite thing about LHS is that the School gives us so many more opportunities than any other. There are so many extracurricular clubs available that enable you to get to know girls from other years as well as learning lots in the club and having fun.


What advice would you give to a new girl joining lhs?

The advice that I would give to girls joining LHS is to try to be confident and to get involved as much as possible in clubs. By doing this, it means that you can meet and get to know girls that aren't in your year.   


What do you think makes lhs different?

There are lots of things that make LHS different from other schools but the two things that I would say are first, it's size. It is a small School with small class sizes, which means that everyone is really close and there are great friendship groups. Secondly, I would say that the community between all the girls at LHS makes it very different from other schools. There is good integration between years and well how many schools do Just Dance together each year?!  


What has been your favourite moment so far?

There have been so many good moments at LHS already but I would say that my favourite moment so far has been our trip to Sheringham. It was fun and it was a really good bonding trip for our whole year.