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Hints and tips for home learning (Juniors)

Now, more than ever, our school and parent partnerships are key to your daughter’s successful education

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The past few weeks have presented many challenges to us as educators, and to our parents who have had to take on supporting their daughter’s learning, whilst also dealing with work and home commitments.  

I do not underestimate how much of a challenge this has been and would like to thank all our parents for their thoughtful feedback during this time. As we settle into this new way of working, I’d like to share some hints and tips that you may find useful: 

  • If possible, try to have a dedicated area for your daughter to complete her School work. This can be a desk in a bedroom, the dining room table, or the end of the kitchen worktop. This will help your daughter to get into the mindset of schoolwork when she is in that space and enable you to keep all her materials in one place!  

  • Let your daughter make mistakes – as parents, it is very easy to jump in with the answer when there is a problem to solve but try to resist this temptation and instead ask questions to help to guide her to the answer.  

  • Ask for help – All our teaching staff are working throughout this time, either within School or from home, and are happy to answer any questions and provide any guidance you may need.  

  • Make sure you check your daughter is safe online. Thinkuknow have some good guidance available  

  • Try and have a family routine. Although this may be tricky to set up, it will help if you and your daughter know when she is expected to do her work, when you will be available to help her and when you will need to be focusing on your own work 

  • Try not to worry! This is probably the most difficult piece of advice to take! However, try not to worry about your daughter falling behind. The work set covers the curriculum she would have covered in School and teacher feedback will help you to determine any areas your daughter needs extra support with. We are always very happy to answer questions or concerns.  

Please do let me know if you have any questions about home learning or the work which is being set. Now, more than ever, our School and parent partnerships are key to your daughter’s successful education and I would like to thank you again for your support of the School at this time.  

Sarah Davies  

Head of the Junior Department