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Starting GCSEs

This is an exciting move to the next stage of your School life.

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Following the past 18 months of changing times for our Secondary School GCSE students, writing this post about preparing for starting Year 10 and your GCSE study has been quite difficult! However, we remain hopeful that School will return to normal from September 2021 and I hope you find the advice below helpful. However, please be reassured that we will fully support you, whatever 'normal' looks like. 

Have a study area at home 

Ideally, you should have a dedicated space at home where you do your schoolwork; away from distractions - including your mobile phone! We also have spaces within the High School where you can study. 

set up a study routine

Plan what you will study and when and try and stick to it. By using an online or written planner, you can see what you need to do and when. But don't panic if you can't get something done on a given day! The best plans are flexible and build in time for the unexpected. 

have all of your equipment

Make sure you have access to all the equipment you need for each subject; pens, pencils, highlighters, calculator etc. 

ask your teachers for help

Your teachers are happy to support you. So, if you don't understand something, please ask! 

enjoy year 10! 

This is an exciting move to the next stage of your School life. There will be hard work, but plenty of opportunities for fun too. So, make the most of all the opportunities you can. 

I am excited to welcome you into Year 10 in September, for the next step on your School journey. 

Mrs Rose

Head of Year 10 and 11