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Interactive French Play

Leicester High School for Girls language and Drama pupils had the chance to watch an interactive play in French called “Le Cours d'Art” performed by Onatti Productions, a visiting theatre group.

The play was about a group of students attending an Art Club. They are given a task by the teacher who leaves them alone in the room. When one of them goes to leave they realise the door has been locked from the outside and they are trapped in the room on the fourth floor. Unable to contact anyone they are trapped in the room.

Head of Languages, Michelle Watkiss, said, “ The play was not only educational but also engaging for our students. It brought the French language and culture to life in a way that textbooks simply cannot. Such experiences enrich their learning and inspire a deeper appreciation for languages." The audience participation was highly amusing and the  Q and A afterwards was fascinating as it opened a window into the careers of these bilingual actors.

At Leicester High School for Girls, Languages is a major subject studied by nearly all students to GCSE and by many beyond, emphasising the School's commitment to encouraging linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding.

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