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Leicester High School for Girls Inspires Future Female Scientists

Leicester High School for Girls Science Department recently organised a Science Masterclass with the theme "Is There Life Out There?" aimed at local girls from neighbouring schools.

Throughout the masterclass, attendees had the opportunity to explore various scientific concepts, including DNA, volcanoes, and rocketry.

"Our goal with this masterclass was to provide an interactive platform for girls to explore scientific principles in a fun and engaging way," stated Head of Science Mr Andrew McMurray at Leicester High School for Girls. "We believe that experiences like these can spark an interest in STEM subjects and encourage further exploration."

Feedback from participants was positive, with many expressing appreciation for the opportunity.

Leicester High School for Girls remains committed to promoting STEM education and providing opportunities for girls to explore their interests in science. Future events and initiatives will continue to focus on developing curiosity and enthusiasm for STEM subjects amongst young women in the community.

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