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LHS Stories


Leicester High is very welcoming and makes me feel a part of the communty

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What is your favourite thing about lhs?

My favourite thing about Leicester High is the opportunities the School offers and the amount of extra – curricular activities we have to choose from. Another thing that is great are the size of the classes, this allows us to get more support if needed. Leicester High is very welcoming and makes me feel a part of the community. 


What advice would you give to a new girl joining Leicester high

The advice I would give to a new girl joining Leicester High School is that it is very accommodating and you can get to know the school very easily. There are peer mentors who are there to help you and you'll make friends very easily especially because the classes are a good size. 


What makes Leicester high special?

The thing that make Leicester High special is that everyone is caring. LHS offers a great range of extra curricular activities ranging from choir to rugby club. There is always a club to suit everyone. There are also science labs where very exciting experiments take place. The School nurse is very helpful with a cure for everything. The teachers are able to care for everyone because the classes are small.


What has been your favourite moment at Leicester high?

My favourite moment at Leicester High is spending time with my friends. I also enjoy doing Maths and Physics as I find it very intriguing. The teachers make me happy because if I need help there is always someone by my side. The year 7 trip to Sherringham was enjoyable.