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LHS Stories


Millie joined the school in year 4

I joined in Year 4, made friends fast and would think any other girl would.

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what is your favourite thing about lhs?

My favourite thing about LHS is the amount of work the teachers and staff put in to give each of us a good education. On my first day, my teacher helped me to settle in. Everybody is so friendly and kind. When you are upset or unsure about something, there is always someone who you can talk to. 


what advice would you give to a new girl joining Leicester high?

My advice to a new girl would be to not be scared and to join in. Every teacher at LHS is kind and caring. I joined in Year 4, made friends fast and I would think any other girl would. 


why is lhs different?

LHS is different because it is an all-girls school. Another different thing about LHS is we don't have one teacher for everything. We have different teachers for French, Music, ICT and so on. This makes learning fun!


what has been your favourite moment at lhs so faR?

My favourite moment at LHS was when we went to the Buddhism Centre in year 4, it was fascinating to see what Buddhists do which has made me want to learn more.