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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

A Beautiful Story from a Y2!

A girl in Year 2 has written a very impressive story and was asked to sign The Excellence Book with the Headmaster. He was so impressed he asked for it to be on the website so everyone could read it.

The Story of Pollution

By A B-T (written June 2014, aged 7)

There was a rustle, and suddenly the hedgehog family began plunging themselves into their warm, underground, comfy den. It had just struck 12 o’clock and the leaves crunched as the hedgehogs got into their den. Suddenly a fox came prancing through the wood, but it was too late. The hedgehogs were safe. Fireflies buzzed. The wind whistled. The forest was silent and the mist was swirling.

Suddenly beautiful sprinkles of fairy dust came through the mist and the sound of a flute came through the forest. It was calming and the stars came into the sky. The sky was sprinkled with starlings. Suddenly, in a light so bright that it made you squint, the fairy of the woods came down from a star. Her wings were the colour of burnt copper, embroidered with potassium-lilac. Her dress was the most beautiful green embroidered with emeralds. She played a flute that was twisted into shimmery golden wreaths. Her nails were quickly hopping from note to note. Her hair was dark brown and in ringlets. It was very long and around her waist was a snow-white silk attached to her dress. It had tassely dangles. Her wings had peacock feathers on them.

The next day the fairy went to the beach. The sand was golden and soft. The sea sparkled in the sunlight. The water was cool and calming. The sea was a light greeny-blue. Doves flew around and dolphins jumped high up in the air. Turtles swam around gracefully, gliding on the waves. Golden star fish were decorated with diamonds. They were stuck to the soft, hot, grey rocks. Humpback whales made water fountains in the sea. Swans flew and swam, gliding. Sea horses of all colours were swimming near the shore where the waves were babbling and light-up jelly fish were on the rocks and in the sea. There were bands playing on the beach. There were also rich restaurants and fairs. Parades were coming through town and onto the beach. There were sweet shops selling honey buns, waffles with ice creams, sparklers and pancakes with sugar and lemon, apple fritters and banana fritters with honey or sugar. There were also donuts or tea cakes. Everyone was equal and kind. There were no wars and fights. There were famous shows and famous singers performing. Huge ships and ferries sailed across the water. The sun was hot all day long. Fishermen caught big fish while sitting on clean, grey rocks. At night there were four-poster beds outside with lilac material across the sides, like frills. There were humongous, soft pillows and mattresses. The mountains were pretty too. The town and the beach people were beautifully caring.

The town lived happily until three uncaring people came into the town. They broke into houses and wrecked them. They spoilt the town. They robbed people and threw litter. Everywhere the town was soon dirty, polluted and stinky. The people were unruly and poor.

The moral of this story is you can have something precious and then not think about the meaning of it.