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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Y5 Trip to Eyam

Y5 visit to Eyam brings the suffering of The Plague to life.

On Wednesday 5 October Year 5 went to Eyam.  Eyam is a village in Derbyshire and in 1665 The Plague infected the village. To stop it spreading, the Vicar persuaded the villagers to stay in the village.

We walked past the Plague Cottage, where the infection started, then along to Eyam church, where the vicar's wife, Catherine Mompesson, was buried.  Then we walked up a steep hillside to see the 'Riley Graves', where Mistress Hancocke buried her husband and their six children by herself.

From there we saw a view of a barn with no roof which was just like the barn in our story, 'Children of Winter'.  We then walked down the hill and past this barn to a hillside where we ate our lunch.  The view from there was amazing.  We returned past the 'Boundary Stone', where people from outside the village left food in exchange for money.

Maya J and India U