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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Play all in French in School

80 girls listen to funny play entirely in French.....

On 28 February, we watched a French Play named 'le café'. It was an amusing play with lots of elements of comedy and romance. Most of the play was easy to understand as it was very visual and hand gestures were used to communicate different characters. One of our favourite parts was the funny dance at the end. The costumes were very imaginative and portrayed the characters well. They also incorporated music which engaged the audience. 

Y8 Safa, Cecilia, India, Gracie and Zainab

'The performance was fully acted by French native speakers and nobody had the problem of understanding as they were very visual. The performance has benefited us in many ways. We have got to learn how real French speakers speak and it was much more exciting for us to learn in a place other than a classroom. The actors were roughly our age so they understood how to make us feel more engaged. The actors made the performance very interactive so that we got some opportunities to join in. This was a great performance that was everybody's favourite!' 

By Neeru Y7