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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

New Inspiring Women Talks 

Judge proves to be a candid role model for the girls.....

On Wednesday 22 February, Leicester High School for Girls had the great pleasure of welcoming Ms Bal Dhaliwal from Dhaliwal Solicitors in Peterborough to come and give the first in a series of Inspiring Women talks. These talks are being organised by Mrs Buxton-Thomas and are, initially, open to all Gifted, Able & Talented pupils as a way of inspiring them and promoting excellence within the school.

Ms Dhaliwal not only runs her own busy law firm, but is also a part-time judge. In fact, we found out that she was the youngest person to become a judge at the age of forty (although she did admit that recently someone even younger beat her record!). We learnt of how she gradually worked her way into her first law firm in Leicester after spending more than two years travelling. This involved her doing unpaid work in law firms in countries as far afield as Fiji, Australia and Hong Kong. Diligence, persistence and continuous hard work, coupled with a great passion for her work seem to have been the common threads that kept Ms Dhaliwal motivated and determined to continue moving onwards and upwards. 

Around 60 girls from Years 6 to 13 attended the talk and had the opportunity to ask Ms Dhaliwal questions at the end. One particular question stood out for me from a Y6 pupil who explained that sometimes after making a decision, she had many doubts so she wanted to find out whether our guest speaker also had doubts. Ms Dhaliwal explained that she did, in fact before giving her verdicts, she explained that she might have some sleepless nights, because, after all she could send a person to prison for a very long time. All in all, she felt that having doubts was a good thing as it kept her mind focussed.  We are very grateful to our speaker for coming in to share her work trajectory and experience so candidly with out pupils.