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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

The Big Sleepover

Nurse Abby didn't get much sleep but everyone enjoyed a night to remember...

On Friday night, 10 March,  Years 6 - 8 enjoyed a sleepover in the school gym. I have no idea why I called this a ‘sleepover’ as it was more of a ‘no-sleep over’, but that aside, the girls had great fun!

The brilliant Sixth Form volunteers arranged for a mass ‘Just Dance’ session to start with, and, confident that this would tire the girls out, (more fool me), we decided that we would set up camp. This involved moving various crash mats, gym mats, sleeping bags, blankets and cuddly toys, to form some sort of ‘comfy’ bed. It was then time for pizza! 50 or so cheese and tomato pizzas arrived which were quickly devoured, and this was followed by film time. With popcorn handed out en masse, I was now confident that by the end of the film everyone would be tucked up asleep in bed. How wrong I completed, hot chocolates distributed, surely now sleep was forthcoming? It did, eventually! At 3.30am I heard the last giggle, and tucked myself in, (on the biggest crash mat, I may add), and slept soundly for a good half hour until I could hear the sounds of the girls chatting and starting to think about getting up! It was a good job they were up though as they were being collected very early. At 7am Miss Wassell and I waved a fond fairwell to our guests. All in all a great and memorable time was had by everyone. 

By Nurse Abby...(who deserves a medal...!)