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Biology GCSE

IGCSE Edexcel 

Why Study Biology?

This course will help you gain some understanding of the exciting nature of Biology today.  It also looks back at some historically important work that underpins modern Biology.

As in all Science subjects, practical activities help to illustrate the theoretical aspects of the course, and they form an important component of coursework. Though traditionally thought of in relation to careers such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science, there are many other areas including those in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and even law and scientific journalism where the skills gained in the study of Biology can be used.

You Will Study

Section 1: The Nature and Variety of Living Organisms: a) Characteristics of living organisms, b) Variety of living organisms

Section 2: Structures and Functions of Living Organisms: a) Levels of organisation, b) Cell structure, c) Biological molecules, d) Movement of substances into and out of cells, e) Nutrition, f) Respiration, g) Gas exchange, h) Transport, i) Excretion, j) Coordination and response

Section 3: Reproduction and Inheritance: a) Reproduction, b) Inheritance

Section 4: Ecology and the Environment: a) The organism in the environment, b) Feeding relationships, c) Cycles within ecosystems, d) Human influences on the environment

Section 5: Use of Biological Resources: a) Food production, b) Selective breeding, c) Genetic modification (genetic engineering), d) Cloning


You will complete two externally assessed papers. Both papers include content from sections 1-5. There is no internally assessed practical work.

Biology Paper 1 (2 hour paper, 110 marks, 61.1% GCSE)

Biology Paper 2 (1 hour 15 min paper, 70 marks, 38.9% GCSE)