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Junior Department

Updated 20.5.20

Following Government guidance, pupils in Foundation, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 may be able to return to School from Monday 1 June. Further information on how this would work can be found in the School reopening section

Work for all other year groups will continue to be provided as below, until we have further guidance on a possible return date to school for these years. 

Updated 20.4.20

How will future learning take place at home and at School?

Rather than trying to follow our normal school day, we will set work for Y1-5 in a more flexible manner.

Work for English and mathematics, which are our core subjects, will be given every day by 9:00am on Show My Homework or emailed to your daughter’s school Outlook account on Office 365. We expect the girls to spend no longer than one hour on each
subject and we ask for this to be returned to the teacher by 4:00pm.

Work for science, topic (history/geography), computing, French, art, music, RS and PSHCE, which I will call our foundation subjects, will be given by 9:00am every Monday. We expect the girls to spend no longer than one hour on each subject and we ask for these all to be completed by 4:00pm on the Friday.

PE will not be a specific set activity: we are asking your daughter to share with her class teacher a physical activity she has done, eg. cycling, playing football, completing a Joe Wicks workout, walking, etc. every week.

We would also expect that the girls complete a mental maths activity, spelling practice and reading every day. We expect you to spend no longer than 15 minutes on each subject.

If the teacher is using Office 365 to email work to your daughter, you will still receive a summary of the tasks given on Show My Homework, to keep you fully informed.

We hope that, by sharing all the week’s learning activities with you on Monday, you will be able to structure your own week, to suit your own family and work commitments.

To help you and your daughter to plan your week, below is a basic timetable template. I suggest that every pupil completes her English and mathematics work in the morning, and then together you can select from the nine foundation subjects to suit your circumstances. For example, you might like to complete two foundation subjects each day, or you might want to
complete one foundation subject and then go for a bike ride together.

Whilst we ask for everything to be completed by Friday, please do not wait until Friday to ‘hand’ work in. It would greatly help the staff to manage their workload if you could submit work as soon as possible after completion. The staff may choose to mark work as soon as they get it, or they may prefer to wait until the whole class has submitted it.

There may be some optional extension tasks suggested, as we know that some of you are requesting things to do to keep your daughters busy. Please ensure that your daughter does not rush the set work, thinking that she must complete the optional suggestions too. The staff will ask pupils to repeat set work, if it not completed to the standard we know your daughter is
capable of.

Finally your daughter’s class teacher will start emailing you again every week, to check that you are managing, and to offer any advice and support that you need. We hope that enabling you to decide your own weekly timetable will help relieve some of the
stresses that were reported during the first week of Home Learning tasks. Again, thank you for your valuable feedback – please keep us informed about how this plan is working for you.

Below is some updated guidance on home learning. 

Stay safe and keep well – I hope to see you soon,
Mrs Davies

All school staff will be working throughout this time either within the School premises or at home.  If you have any questions about the Home Learning Tasks, please contact the relevant teacher, using the following contact details:

Mrs S. Davies             Head of the Junior Department, Y3 maths

Mrs P. Gascoigne       Assistant Head (Juniors), Y3 class teacher, Y1 & Y2 PSHCE 

Mrs N. Weller              EYFS Leader

Mrs J. Jethwa EYFS Lead Practitioner              

Miss E. Stell                Y1 class teacher

Mrs S. Neuberg           Y2 class teacher, Y4 spelling

Mrs S. Wayman          Y4 class teacher, Y3 & Y5 art

Mrs C. Dryland            Y5 class teacher, Y3 & Y4 RS

Miss S. Williams          Y1-5 Computing, Y1-5 Music, Y2 RS

Miss A. Buchanan       Y1-5 PE

Mrs G. Wheeler           Y1-5 French