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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities start from the moment a girl starts school.  At every stage, leadership opportunities enable girls to take responsibility, solve problems, develop teamwork, use initiative and increase resilience. 

In EYFS the girls develop early leadership skills by being given a classroom job for a day, or being asked to complete a specific task, such as putting something away or helping another pupil.  In Years 1-2, the girls develop this further through being given classroom responsibilities for an extended period of time. 

In Years 3-5 the girls still take responsibility for classroom tasks and this is then extended school-wide.  Every term, girls are chosen to be House Captains and Sports Captains for each of the three School Houses: Beaumanor, Bradgate and Charnwood. 

Year 5 hold School Council elections to select the class representatives. Every Year 5 girl is given an individual leadership role, such as: 

  • Librarian 
  • Play Leader 
  • Art Room Monitor 
  • Office Assistant 
  • Assembly Monitor 
  • Computing Assistant 
  • Catering Committee Representative