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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Preparation for Life & Enrichment in the Sixth Form

The enrichment programme at Leicester High is outstanding and plays an important and unique part in Sixth Form life. Its chief aim is to broaden educational experience and teach life skills so that you leave Leicester High as a well-rounded individual ready to take on university life. Year 12 enrichment focuses on developing confident young women. We also look at ways in which the media affects women and girls’ ability to see themselves as leaders and be seen as leaders by others in society.

Initially, Year 13 Enrichment focuses on the UCAS application process and personal statements. After that, it moves on to personal finance and cooking on a budget as University starts to loom. You will also experience an on-line safe driving course, and basic car maintenance classes, amongst many relevant sessions. We also welcome speakers on a range of topics, including volunteering in society, understanding homelessness, self-harm, taking a gap year in industry, emotional health with the Samaritans, and employability skills.

Other sessions have included personal finance, the Youth Budget, including entering the ‘Chance to be Chancellor’ competition, relaxation yoga sessions, ‘Being a Domestic Goddess’, and protecting one's online identity.

Leadership Opportunities

In Year 12 and 13 there are many opportunities for leadership. The Sixth Form is not over large so everyone can be someone, and you can definitely make your presence felt. Taking on these real roles of responsibility will give you many things: life skills, leadership skills, wider skills for you to mention on your personal statement or CV for jobs, and most importantly of all, confidence. In Year 13, the Prefect Team is elected and in Year 12 girls have the opportunity to support the prefects as part of their committees.

ExtraCurricular Activities and PE

Everyone in the Sixth Form is expected to participate in some form of physical activity on one afternoon a week. You are given a wide range of activities to choose from, such as squash, self-defence, netball, badminton, yoga, aerobics and rounders. At present, we are also able to offer opportunities to attend a Fitness Gym off-site, golf and squash lessons. You will also have the opportunity to represent the school in teams. There is also the option of gaining a Community Sports Leaders Award (CSLA). 

The School has a wide variety of clubs before and after school and during lunchtime. It is possible to learn to knit, take photographs, debate, and get fit in the early morning ‘Boot Camp’, and these are only a few of the choices! There are several societies and activities which are exclusively offered to the Sixth Form, including Badminton, Netball, Social Sciences Club, History & Politics Society, Curieus Club and more. You are also free to start your own club, either for fellow Sixth formers, or the younger girls in school.