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Sammy's Profile

I started off with Adventure Service Challenge in Year 8 and initially thought I would not like it. I had this idea that camping and walking would not be for me, but after being encouraged thoroughly from both my teachers and my peers, I managed to complete it!

I decided that if I enjoyed Adventure Service Challenge I would attempt D of E and I can honestly say 4 years later, it was the best choice I ever made. The mental challenge of D of E as a whole excluding the walking and camping, was hard but now having done Silver and Bronze and now ready to complete Gold award, having a great team behind you that brings up the team spirit helps massively.

I have made lifelong friends and definitely memories that will stick with me for a long time! The moments that my friends and I have shared together have been unforgettable and I can say that doing  Dof E has not only helped my confidence, team work and patience, it has also helped me to take in the beauty of D of E, which no one ever thinks about!

Such as the excitement I experience every time I successfully manage to cook the pasta perfectly, or every time I accurately map read and most of all every time we as a group successfully complete an expedition! D of E is an experience that you will never forget.