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Year 2

Year 2 is the last year of Key Stage One. Pupils are taught mainly by their class teacher and are taught some lessons by different teachers to give a wide experience of teaching styles. 

Having completed our phonics scheme, the pupils develop their reading and writing through book-study, their spelling through word study and develop their cursive handwriting. Pupil progress is continually monitored, with more formal assessments taking place at the end of each term. 

Examples of our Knowledge Rich Projects include: 

Movers and Shakers (History) 

Your daughter will learn five statements from Dawson's model that will help them identify people who are historically significant. They will complete in-depth studies of significant explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and significant activists Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks and think carefully about the impact of their actions. The children will also carry out an independent study of a significant person from the past and learn about people who are significant today. They will also learn how significant people are commemorated and design a memorial for a person they have studied. 

Coastline (Geography) 

Your daughter will use maps to learn about the location of the world’s seas and oceans and keys to learn about map symbols. They will also find out about the directions on a compass. They will learn about the human and physical features of a coastline, including the effects of erosion and how to stay safe when visiting the coast. They will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the RNLI, what happened to the SS Rohilla and about the coastal town of Whitby, including how Captain Cook is linked to the town. They will research the tourism industry and consider what features make a place a successful tourist destination. 

Uses of Everyday Materials 

This project teaches children about how everyday materials are used and how a material's properties make them suitable or unsuitable for specific purposes. They begin to explore how materials, including foods, can be changed, and about creative uses for everyday materials. 

Remarkable Recipes (Design and technology) 

This project teaches children about sources of food and tools used for food preparation. They also discover why some foods are cooked and learn to read a simple recipe. The children choose and make a new school meal that fulfils specific design criteria. 

Flower Head (Art and Design)

This project teaches children about the visual elements of flowers, including shape, texture, colour, pattern and form. They also explore various artistic methods, including drawing, printmaking and 3-D forms, using paper and clay.