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Pupil enters Aristotelian Competition

Leicester High School for Girls proudly nominates Zara A for the Aristotelian Award. 

The Aristotelian Award research essay competition is aimed at Year 9 pupils across the UK and is divided into two sections – arts/humanities and sciences – with a choice of five essay titles in each category ready to be tackled.

Cash prizes are on offer with the winners of each category receiving £70. Four pupils in each category will be highly commended and receive £20 each.

Zara, our Poet Laureate, wrote a flamboyant essay on the life and work of Albert Einstein, showcasing his life experiences that allowed him to think so differently from contemporary Physicists.  

Zara's essay illustrates Einstein's journey, emphasising how personal experiences influenced his revolutionary thinking.

We commend Zara for her outstanding contribution to science communication and wish her the best in the Aristotelian Award competition.

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