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LHS Stories


Renée joined the school in year 7

Leicester High is an amazing School!

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what is your favourite thing about leicester high?

My favourite thing about Leicester High is the fact that there are so  many fantastic opportunities that you can take. There are so many compared to other schools. 


what advice would you give to a new girl starting at leicester high?

The advice I would give to a new girl is not to worry about making friends or not doing well in your subjects because you will be supported by teachers and girls. 

The most amazing thing about Leicester High is that we get so many opportunities, so I would say to embrace that and take part in as many things as possible 


what has been your favourite moment at leicester high?

My favourite moments have been the residential trips, for example to Sheringham and Normandy. You make loads of new friends on the trips and do so many enjoyable activities. 

Leicester High is an amazing School! So please try and make your time here count and to always include yourself in School events.