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LHS Stories


sara joined the school in year 4

The teachers give every student help so that every student can achieve her goals

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what is your favourite thing about leicester high?

My favourite thing about Leicester High is the teachers as they give you lots of support and help - as well as making you laugh!

Leicester High is different as the classes are smaller so the teachers can give every student the help she needs to achieve her goals. 


what advice would you give to a new girl starting at leicester high? 

My advice would be to ignore some of the assumptions you might have about independent schools! Girls at LHS are really friendly and supportive. Try to make as many friends as possible. 


what's been your favourite moment at leicester high?

My favourite moment at Leicester High was the Topstones trip at the start of Year 6. It bought us all closer together as a class and helped us to get to know our Form Tutor and Head of Year. And it was incredible fun!