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Settling into the new normal

I am immensely proud of how the girls have returned to School with such enthusiasm

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As we draw to the end of our first fortnight back in School, I've found some time to catch my breath and reflect on all that has happened!  

I am immensely proud of how the girls have returned to School with such enthusiasm and how they have embraced the ‘new normal’ of School life in 2020. It has been wonderful to see (and hear!) the classrooms full of excited chatter and laughter as the girls settle back into learning with their new teachers.  

I hope you have all had chance to view the short video we put together to show the first few days back. The girls have loved being able to interact with their friends again and have shown real excitement at starting their new Cornerstones projects.  

It has also been fantastic to have all our staff back on site together. We have enjoyed seeing how the girls have developed and grown over the summer - both in confidence and, in several cases, in stature! We have also welcomed our new Year 4 teacher, Laura Walton, into the LHS Juniors family. Mrs Walton is looking forward to getting to know the girls and their parents over the coming months.  

As the girls settle into learning, we are starting now to plan for how we can deliver events and activities for the rest of the Autumn Term. Things will, of course, need to be different this year, but we hope to be able to continue many of the traditions and activities which I know our girls and parents value and enjoy.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for embracing our new way of working and for trusting us to continue to care for and educate your daughters. LHS is a very special place and our parents are a large part of what makes us ‘us’. Although we are unable to reopen our doors to our parents at the moment, I hope that you continue to feel like an important part of our School community and invite you, as always, to contact us with any questions about your daughter’s education or wellbeing.  

Although there are still challenges ahead, I am confident that, with your support, we can continue to provide your daughter with the very best LHS experience and education.  

Sarah Davies, Head of the Junior Department