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starting primary school

Updated 18.8.20

We know that your little one starting School can be a stressful time, especially in the current situation.

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We know that your little one starting School can be a stressful time, especially in the current situation. However, we are available to provide advice and support and to make sure the transition is smooth.   

Here are some hints and tips about preparing for ‘big school’:  

  • Reassure your daughter about the change. This may be the first time that she has been away from you for long periods of time, or she may have been already attending a nursery or a childminder. Either way, this is likely to feel like a big change for all of you. Make sure that your daughter knows the name of her school, what her uniform looks like and a little bit about what the school day will be like.  

  • Show your daughter some pictures of the School. We now have an interactive map live on the website with pictures and videos to help you to get a feel for the School. We would also recommend you follow us on social media for updates about what is happening in School - and lots more pictures! 

  • Organise your School uniform. You can find the Uniform lists in your Welcome Pack or online. Practice fastening and unfastening buttons with your daughter. This will help when they need to get themselves ready for PE. And label everything! It’s amazing what ends up in lost property during the first few weeks.  

  • Read, read, read! Whether books, magazines, signposts, or shop labels – read anything and everything with your daughter. You can also ask them to try and write their name. But please don’t worry if they can’t do this before they start with us. 

  • Have a plan for the first day. Make sure you know the drop-off and pick-up times (these can be found in the FAQs for Junior Parents) and give yourself plenty of time to deal with any last minute wobbles – from your daughter or you! - on the day.  

  • Keep in touch with the School, both before and after your daughter starts with us. We would love to hear about your summer activities. Once she has started at the School, we will provide you with regular updates on her progress and are always available to answer any questions you have.  

We look forward to seeing you very soon. 

Mrs Natalie Weller

Reception Teacher and Early Years Leader