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LHS Stories


tia joined the school in year 7

It is an amazing School which offers lots of opportunities.

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what's your favourite thing about leicester high? 

Personally, I love everything about Leicester High School. It is an amazing School which offers lots of opportunities. It has made me more confident in my studies and personal development areas like public speaking and performing.

If I had to choose one thing, my favourite would be Maths. The reason I enjoy maths is because of the teacher, Mrs Solly. She makes Maths fun and enjoyable, and easy to understand, as well as teaching us all we need to know. I love the fact that the School offers Maths Aid most lunchtimes if you need help with anything or want some extension work to stretch yourself.


what advice would you give a new girl joining leicester high?

If a new girl were to join the School, the advice I would give them would be: don't be nervous or shy. Talk to the other students, they’re all so friendly and will help you if you need anything, as well as the staff. Also, to work hard.  If you put in the effort and make the most of all the opportunities, you’ll achieve great results in your studies, exams and personal development. 


what makes leicester high special? 

The thing that makes Leicester High different from other schools is its size. It is a very small school compared to any other school I have been to or know of.  This means everyone knows everyone.

The small class size means the teachers really get to know you – what you are good at and where you need help.  Attending this small and friendly School has made me feel confident to be the best I can be.


what has been your favourite moment at leicester high? 

My favourite moment so far has been performing in the School musical, Oliver. I enjoyed it because it gave me a chance to become more confident in my singing and speech. I got to act with so many talented girls and make a lot of friends from different year groups. Initially, I was a bit shy and nervous about auditioning, but Mrs Rose was brilliant and persuaded me to give it ago!