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Virtual Showcase of the Expressive Arts

A spotlight on...

Our Virtual Showcase of the Expressive Arts will take place on Thursday 6 May. 

Over the past few weeks, the girls have been rehearsing and practising their submissions for the showcase, and now we have collated all the entries into the final show, ready for the world premiere!

Tickets cost £4.00, and all proceeds will go to the Prefect Team's chosen charity for this year: the Stephen Lawrence Foundation. 

Thank you to all the girls and staff, who through their support made the production of this showcase possible.

“Justice for Stephen is about all of us, every one of us, in society having justice. There are still too many young people who do not have a sense of hope, who just don’t get the chance to live their dreams. I want all our children and young people to feel inspired, be confident and have hope in their own future. We are building hope, but there is more to do.”

— Baroness Lawrence, speaking at 20th Anniversary memorial in 2013.