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Year 7 History Trip to Lincoln: A Modern Pilgrim's Tale

Year 7 students from Leicester High School for Girls recently went on a history trip to Lincoln Cathedral and Castle, immersing themselves in the history of the iconic landmarks.

The day commenced with a trek up the historic pilgrim's road to Lincoln Cathedral, offering the students a glimpse into the architectural grandeur of centuries past. Along the way, they paused to appreciate the cathedral's imposing presence, a symbol of faith and resilience in the face of time.

Inside the cathedral, students were treated to a tour, learning about its historical significance and the impact of events such as the Black Death on the local community. They also had the opportunity to discover more about the notable figures associated with the cathedral's history.

Following a lunch break at Lincoln Castle, the students braved the elements during a walk along the castle walls, experiencing a taste of authentic medieval life. Despite the weather's challenges, the girls approached the experience with good humour and resilience.

The trip continued with visits to historical landmarks such as the Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest, providing students with insights into the evolution of democracy and governance in England. The day concluded with a visit to the Victorian prison, offering a sobering perspective on the realities of the past.

As they returned to the School, they brought back with them a deeper understanding of history and a sense of accomplishment from their day of exploration in Lincoln.

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