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AQA 7357

Entry Requirements

Six GCSEs at Grade 6 or above PLUS:

GCSE Mathematics at Grade 7 or above 

Course overview

The A Level Mathematics course enables you to build on algebraic skills developed during GCSE and also to study many new areas of mathematics. Enjoyment of mathematics is obviously also an important factor in the decision to choose this subject.

Mathematics links well with a number of other subjects, the more obvious ones being physics, chemistry, biology and economics.

Students considering studying mathematics, physics or engineering at university would be advised to consider A Level Further Mathematics in addition to mathematics.

Course content

  • Core Skills - Algebra and functions coordinate geometry, sequences and series, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration and numerical methods.
  • Mechanics - Vectors, quantities and units in mechanics, kinematics, forces, Newton’s laws and moments.
  • Statistics - Sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing.


Mathematics provides a useful qualification for advancement into popular areas at university such as science, medicine, business studies and engineering.