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Choosing a primary school

Think about whether the school is a good fit for your child and if you can picture them there – happy children make for engaged and successful learners.

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We understand that choosing a primary school for your child can feel like a minefield, with so much information and so many opinions available. As a parent myself, and having helped families through their decision-making as a teacher, I understand that the process can be overwhelming. I hope you find the below considerations useful:

Visit the School  

Websites and social media are a great place to start, and most schools will share helpful information with you online. However, nothing beats visiting the School, ideally on a working day. This will give you a real sense of how the school works and a chance to speak to teachers and, most importantly, the current students! Visits allow you to see how the teachers interact with their pupils, how big the class sizes are, how many staff are in the classroom, what technology they are using, what happens during break time and how the curriculum is taught. At LHS, we encourage families to visit as many times as they need.

We also offer Taster Days before you apply to allow your daughter to spend the day with us and her peers, learning and playing in the School environment. Most families find this experience really beneficial in their decision-making process.

Have a list of questions ready 

You are going to want to find out a lot of information about the school so don’t be afraid to arrive with a list of questions for the staff. You will need to find out about the School’s admissions processes and deadlines, uniform, wrap-around care, the curriculum, playtime, homework expectations, extracurricular and leadership opportunitiespastoral support and more! Don’t be afraid to ask for data to back up claims about academic progress. A good school will regularly examine this information to work out the best learning route for your child.  

If you still have questions after your visit, call the School who will be happy to answer your questions.  

Does the School provide for you practically? 

It can be frustrating to progress so far into the admissions process with a school and then realise their lack of wrap-around care means you won’t be able to combine drop-off and pick-up with your working life.  

Think about the distance from home and travel time, whether you will need to drop older children off elsewhere and times of breakfast and after-school clubs as all of these can mean a school will just not work for you. 

is the school the right fit for your child?

This is possibly the most important consideration. Some children can find large class sizes overwhelming and need a smaller environment to thrive. Some will be particularly interested in sports or art and will need a school which caters for their interests through the curriculum and extracurricular options. Some children will need challenging academically to achieve their full potential . Think about whether the school is a good fit for your child and if you can picture them there – happy children make for engaged and successful learners.  

Remember that your child will only be in Reception class for one year, it is hard to see that now! Your child will move from Reception to Year 6 very quickly, so it is important that you think about the school as a whole and not just a stand-alone year.

If you are considering LHS for your daughter, we are happy to talk you through every stage of the process to make sure you are making the right decision for your family.  

Laura Heywood

Head of EYFS