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Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on fully supporting each individual girl during her time at LHS. 

Pastoral Aims

Our Pastoral aims are consistent with, and reinforce, the ethos and aims of the School. 

  • to create an atmosphere in which all pupils feel confident that they are well known, safe, valued and respected
  • to enable and encourage all pupils to take full and equal advantage of the educational opportunities offered
  • to give pupils the basic skills and flexibility to succeed in a rapidly-changing society
  • to ensure pupils are given a balanced presentation of opposing views in a bid to preclude the promotion of partisan views eg political, racial, sexual, gender etc.
  • to create active, responsible members of society
  • to enable pupils to become progressively responsible for their personal and social development, their health and academic education and their career decisions
  • to contribute towards furthering the maintenance of good behaviour and an orderly atmosphere in the School
  • to offer sympathetic, confidential and effective guidance and counselling to pupils where appropriate
  • to work in partnership with parents
  • to contribute towards strengthening the links between the community and the School
  • to promote actively the well-being of pupils

Pastoral Structure 

All staff have a pastoral responsibility which they take seriously. 

Each girl in the Junior Department is supported by their class teacher who gets to know the girls well. The teaching staff are in turn supported by the Pastoral Leads for EYFS and Years 1-5. 

In the Senior School, each girl is assigned a tutor group and will be supported by their Form Tutor and, if required, their Head of Year with any academic or personal issues which arise. 

They may also be referred for additional support from our SEND Co-ordinator or School Nurse. 

The School Nurse

Fully-trained Nurse Emma Powdrill is responsible for supporting and caring for all the girls on all health matters. She works full-time on-site in her office and in the medical room.

She has an open-door policy for parents as well as the girls and she finds it very helpful to get emails and calls from parents - no matter how trivial a matter may seem. It helps her to know about the girls, as she can respond quickly, alert staff and support the pupil. Parents and girls can talk to her in confidence. 
Contact:  0116 270 5338